What Makes A Perfect Indian Wedding

**A wedding is perhaps one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of a couples' life. Symbolic of the special love between two people, a wedding no matter what the scale can be an emotional and visual experience. An Indian wedding can be a treat to all your senses. With gorgeous decor, sensual music, elaborate rituals, exotic outfits and divine food, they can make for an experience like no other. An Asian wedding can tastefully combine age-old traditions with the modern elements to create memories of a lifetime.

Indian and Hindu weddings are very bright colourful events, full of rituals and celebrations that last for several days. These weddings are not small affairs, often attended by 400-1000 people most of whom are not known to the couples even. The actual ceremony is about two families socially getting wedded with much less emphasis on the individuals involved. Most of the marriages are arranged and conducted with the blessings of elders though there is a growing tendency to have love marriages, especially in urban areas.

India is a vast land of different states; each has its own traditions and cultures as evident in the various rituals followed in the ceremony. The different cultures have borrowed each others practices of rituals, but retain certain unique practices strictly to themselves.

Given the complexity of these weddings, many couples decide to use specialist Indian wedding planners. Finding a wedding planner with experience of arranging Hindu, Muslim & Sikh weddings means you can rest assured that no detail will be missed. A good wedding planner will be able to co-ordinate every aspect of your wedding to create a stunning wedding that will wow your guests and leave you with beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Rich costumes and jewellery play a very significant role. Brides wear different types of clothes, jewellery and embellishments in different parts of India. Usually they wear attires typical of that area.

There are so many things to take into consideration and plan for these celebrations that due to be married couples can find it stressful. Therefore an Indian wedding directory such as My Asian Wed is always useful to find exactly what you need in your local area. Whether you need flowers, sarees, photographers or general ideas, you are sure to find your dream.

The actual venue for the ceremony can be difficult to come by, especially as the celebrations can go on for days, and the different aspects of the wedding will need to be held somewhere. One popular setting many couples opt for is to hire a wedding marquee. These beautiful canopies are perfect for those who like to decorate the room with traditional colours, materials and decor. It is a movable venue which utilises portable staging and furniture like folding chairs and folding tables so the layout can be very versatile. Metal folding chairs can easily be decorated according to the décor. They can also be hired for more than one day, making it the perfect option for this type of celebration. We recommend the services of Marquee Leisure, West Midlands.

Though the wedding rituals vary traditionally in different parts certain rituals are followed by all. These include Kanyadan, a ceremony in which the bride's parents hand over their daughter to the groom and his family, tying mangalsutra around the bride's neck by the groom. There is also Saptapadi, the seven steps taken by the couple together soon after tying the mangalsutra and Vidai- the traditional send-off of the couple after the ceremony, an emotional moment for the bride's side.

Weddings in any part of India are marked with a lot of revelry, fun and fanfare. The venue assumes a festive look with illumination, decorations and entertainments like music, dance etc all through the ceremony. To top all, the grand feast is served with the traditional, local and other favourite Indian cuisines. It’s extremely important to hire a seasoned Indian wedding photographer in the UK to cover your nuptials. These studios also usually cover pre wedding photography and videography as well. An experienced Asian wedding photographer will be aware of the customs and traditions that need to be caught on film.