Indian Flower Garland

Our Indian Flower Garland

The use of flowers is widely prevalent in the Indian culture. Being one of the leading providers of Indian flowers, we wish to inform you that there are many ways in which garlands made p of different flowers are relevant to the cultural and spiritual traditions of India. On that note, let us take a look at some of the examples that give an insight into the various ways in which Indian flower garlands are utilized.

Indian Flower Garland For Worshipping Lord Ganesha

It is believed that worshipping Lord Ganesha will clear all the obstacles that arrive on the way and aid in achieving one's goal. A grass garland is offered to the deity but some people also use a few Indian flowers along with it.

Neem and Betal Leaf Garland

The leaves of neem and betal are well known for their medicinal properties. Wearing garlands made up of neem and betal leaves combined with some Indian flowers such as jasmine fills the atmosphere with a mesmerizing fragrance as well as promote healing. Neem leaf garlands depict offerings for the deities Durga and Kaali. They are known to drive off any negative energies and are known to heal the mind and the body.

Indian Flower Garland Worship

Flowers in a loose state as well as sown together to form garlands have a spiritual and traditional significance. Both in Hindu temples, as well as homes, flower garlands, are used for the purpose of worshipping. In India, it is extremely hard to find a deity's statue that does not have flowers on or near it. Apart from imparting a religious look and feel to the place, they also fill the environment with a spellbinding fragrance that can uplift anyone's mood.

Significance Of Indian Flower Garland In Weddings

Garlands signify the importance of tradition and display symbolism in Indian Weddings. They have a rich significance in the Indian culture overall, especially weddings when the exchange of flower garlands signifies the union of two different souls into one. When flowers are offered to a deity, it is believed that God is offering his blessings to the person making the offering.

We offer beautiful red roses to decorate the centrepiece of an Indian wedding. The colour red stands for passion, bravery, protection, and purity in the Indian culture. Garlands are usually made up of marigold, roses or a combination of different flowers depending on the values of the family and their cultural practices. The yellow colour of the marigold is used to represent the vibrancy that is contained in life.

Flower Rangoli

Another rich tradition that has been going on in India since ages is rangoli. Some people use colours but if you wish to display a fragrant carpet of nature's beauty then we are here to provide you with brightly coloured fresh flowers. Besides imparting a beautiful look and feel to the place, a flower rangoli acts as a natural room freshener and fills the room with a sweet scent.