Indian Flowers For Wedding

Our Indian Flowers for wedding

In all of the Indian weddings, Flowers hold their significance, be it the mandapa, the stage or decorating the whole house. It’s rarely seen that the Indian brides opt for subtle and delicate flowers, usually in bright colours and extravagant flowers are the first preference. The colours red and gold have been the traditional colours used in the weddings, although more of other colours have also been seen in a lot of weddings based on different themes. In weddings flowers that are highly fragrant are used as they bring out the festive liveliness on the occasion.

A list of Indian flowers for weddings that are being used at Indian weddings today:

Marigold- These are the most used flowers at an Indian wedding. You have a choice to choose small marigold or if you prefer you might opt for the large French marigolds. Usually in the Indian weddings orange, yellow or the multicoloured marigolds. They are used in a combination with other flowers as well. They have a strong and peppery that is not much liked by all. But they are an integral part of Indian Weddings as they are considered auspicious.

Jasmine- The beautiful jasmine flowers are small and white in colour. They signify good luck and are a sign of fortune and future prosperity. The Indian brides weave these flowers into garlands and wear in their hair and this is called a Gajra. It has a really sweet smell.

Roses- These are not typical traditional flowers, but are often used in Indian wedding as the red colour of the flower is considered auspicious in Indian weddings. They are combined with jasmine flowers and used in Garlands or the Varmala used in the weddings.

Orchids- Traditionally this is not the flower used at the Indian weddings, but are in huge trend nowadays to be used at the weddings. White and purple colour is a commonly used in theme weddings. The exotic flowers are used in arrangements or weaved into garlands. Pink, white and purple coloured orchids are often used in the Indian weddings.

Freesia- These are ideal for Indian weddings. They are not expensive and last for a long time. Have a light fragrance and come in a number of shades.

Chrysanthemums- In some Indian cultures the white coloured Chrysanthemums are associated with funerals, but in Indian weddings, all of the shades are used for garlands and Bouquets. These flowers symbolize a long life, happiness, and optimism.

Delphinium- Although it’s not a flower used traditionally, it is becoming a popular choice at the Indian weddings. They usually come in a variety of pastel shades. The flowers represent a welcoming and an open heart.

Gerbera Daisy-The bright and cheerful gerbera daisy make beautiful flowers for the Indian weddings. The great thing about these flowers is that they remain fresh for longer periods of time. They come in a variety of different colours as well. They are best suited for casual wedding themes and represent innocence and love that is loyal.