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Traditional Indian weddings are extremely lavish, grand and vibrant events. India is a country full of diversities and this is also evident in the weddings that take place in the different regions in the country. However, there are some things which are common in almost all Indian weddings. Use of wide varieties of flowers is one of them. No Indian wedding is considered complete without flowers. Right from decorating the wedding venue to being used in the nuptial rituals to adornments of the bride – flowers are used in almost every place in the wedding. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to selecting Indian flowers for the wedding as there are innumerable varieties available for the same.

Most common Indian Flowers for a wedding:

Jasmine – White jasmine flowers not only look beautiful, but they have a pleasant smell as well. These flowers are also known as mallipoo in some parts of the country. Along with the above-mentioned qualities, these flowers are regarded to bring in good fortune and are a symbol of upcoming prosperity. Along with being used for home decoration in weddings, many brides use strings of jasmine for weaving into the hair. The small, white flowers look really attractive.

Roses – When it comes to Indian flower decoration for interiors or exteriors of the wedding venue or even the wedding car, roses need special mention. Red roses are the preferred choice in this matter. In many places, it has been seen that the wedding garland, which is very important in Indian weddings, is also made of roses. Though rose is not a traditional flower used in Indian weddings, recently it has gained quite a lot of popularity.

Chrysanthemums – One of the best qualities about chrysanthemums is that these flowers come in different colours – pink, yellow, white - being the most common ones. These flowers look very pretty and are widely used in different kinds of wedding garlands and bouquets. Sometimes, such bouquets are placed as centrepieces on tables at the wedding venue. In India, chrysanthemums stand for joy, long life and optimism. Hence, their use at weddings is completely justified.

Marigolds – Go to an Indian wedding and you are sure to find marigolds there. These flowers are extremely bright and cheerful in appearance. Marigolds come in different colours, sizes and patterns. While some of the flowers are small, others are quite large in size. Multicoloured, yellow and orange marigolds are the most common ones that are found and often combinations of all the three are used. Marigolds are extensively used in home décor and in the rituals in an Indian wedding.

Tuberose – With beautifully pleasant fragrance, tuberoses find their place in Indian weddings commonly. Tuberoses are white in colour and come in the form of long sticks. Place them in vases and let them stand at corners of wedding venue. These flowers symbolize pleasure and happiness.

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