Indian Wedding Decorations

Our Indian Wedding Decorations

Indian weddings have gained recognition internationally for their grandeur and lavish appeal. In fact, the wedding event is not a one-day affair. Various kinds of rituals take place before the days of the wedding, on the wedding day as well as after the wedding. It is obvious that lots of preparations are involved in the whole wedding process. Among, the many things that need immaculate attention, Indian wedding decorations need special mention. Without proper décor, the whole wedding seems to look dull and drab. You will be surprised to see the wide varieties of items which are used for decorating the house or the wedding venue. It is interesting to note that depending on your budget, you can choose the different materials for the wedding décor.

Decorations for Indian wedding – different aspects covered

Just decorating the home or the wedding venue generally is not all. There are many other décor aspects, which need to be covered for a proper wedding. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

Indian Wedding Mandap Decoration

In Indian weddings, the ‘mandap’ plays a crucial role. This is the actual area where the wedding rituals take place. The shape of the ‘mandap’ can either be round or square and usually has abundant space so that the bride, groom and parents of both sides can sit there. The ‘mandap’ is usually richly decorated with fabrics and flowers. There are four pillars and a canopy and you can play around with various décor ideas. Flowers are extensively used in decking up the ‘mandap’.

Decoration for Indian Wedding Stage

In Indian weddings, the bride and the groom are made to sit on the stage where guests can come and meet them and wish them. This stage can be regarded as the centre of attraction of the whole wedding venue. The seats of the bride and groom are elaborate and royal. The backdrop is also decorated with colourful fabrics as well as with flowers. In some places, a combination of the two is implemented. However, one has to keep in mind that this décor should be in complete sync with the other décor of the wedding venue so that the main stage does not look out of place. Dense strings of colourful flowers create a kind of curtain for the backdrop and look fabulous in images.

Indian Wedding Car Decoration

In Indian weddings, the groom comes to the bride’s place to wed her. The arrival of the groom is mainly in the car, which is decorated with flowers and other décor materials and embellishments. The car décor is an integral part of wedding decorations. The car is generally sent by the parents of the bride. Depending on the budget and choice, the décor of the car can be simple and elegant or elaborate and lavish.

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