Indian Wedding Decorations For The House

Our Indian Wedding decorations for the House

Indian weddings are usually grand and elaborate affairs spanning almost about a week. Preparations for the day begin from quite a long time. However, there are certain things that are needed to be done on the day of the wedding or the reception. Among many such things, house decoration is an important thing. When everyone is so decked up on a special day, why should the house be left out? It is amazing to see the varieties of Indian wedding decorations for the house. The styles and patterns of décor vary from one another, depending on the region, culture and the traditions – we know India is a country of wide diversities and it is evident in wedding décor as well.  

Flower decoration for Indian Wedding decorations for the House

Flowers and Indian weddings are kind of inseparable elements. Flowers are required in almost every step in the wedding. Right from the rituals associated with the wedding to the house décor, from welcoming the guests to bridal makeup – flowers are needed everywhere in the wedding. The beauty of flower decoration is that it provides a combination of elegance as well as a richness to the whole set. Choosing the right kinds of flowers can completely change your wedding venue to a different level. If you have a specific theme for your wedding, the flower decoration should be such that it is in sync with the theme. An event manager can help you in this – he can provide proper suggestions on what kinds of flowers should be used for the décor purpose depending on your budget.

Indian Wedding decorations for the House for both the interiors and exteriors

When it comes to home décor for Indian marriages, you have to keep the interiors as well as the exteriors in mind. Read on to get some décor ideas:

Take care of the main entrance – The main entrance of the house can be a large gate, followed by a small walkway and then the entry into the main house. The large gate outside should be decked up with floral chains. The chains should be hung close to one another so that there is a dense appearance. Using colourful marigolds is recommended for the outside gate as well as for the balcony railings.

Door entrance to the house – Long strings of light coloured or white flowers look great. They kind of form a curtain. Jasmine is a highly preferred flower for this décor. It is sweet smelling and the denseness of the flowers have a rich impact.

The mandap and other parts of the house – Flower vases with fresh, colourful flowers in them can be put at pivotal places in the house, adding colour and freshness to the whole ambience. The mandap should be heavily decorated with flowers. The choice of the flowers will depend on the others settings of the place.

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