Indian Wedding House Decoration

Our Indian wedding house decoration

It has been seen that most weddings are now hosted at various wedding venues. And the main reason is the issue of space constraint. However, if you have a large and spacious house, you can host the wedding ceremony from your home itself. And believe me, the experience of the same is going to be an unforgettable one. Hosting wedding at home will be an arduous job with so many things to handle, but the pleasure and satisfaction obtained from it is inexpressible. Whether the wedding takes place at home or at a wedding venue, house decoration for Indian wedding is mandatory. People take lot of time in deciding the kind of décor that they want for their home for the wedding.

Ideas for Indian wedding house decorations

There are different ideas which can be implemented for home decorations for an Indian wedding. Some interesting ones are as follows:

Warm coloured fabrics – If you are looking for a cost-effective yet attractive way of decking up the house for a wedding, using warm coloured fabrics is highly recommended. You can also try including some fun colours. The colour palettes bring in a sense of ‘welcome’ for the guests and make them feel cosy and comfortable. Table and chair runners can be matched with that of the drapery.

Use of flowers – Indian weddings cannot be thought of without flowers. There are innumerable flower arrangements that can be planned for the home décor for a wedding. Right from décor of the entrance to the door, to the balconies and stairs to the main wedding ‘mandap’, from the seating area of the bride and the groom to the general décor of the house/venue – flowers are needed at almost every step. Jasmine, marigold, rose etc. are some of the most common flowers used in home décor along with other variants.

Lighting – Wedding is one of the grandest occasions in your life. Do not let any trace of darkness linger in any part of the house on this day. Use lighting in various forms to deck up the house. Strings of LED lights or tea lights can be used. If you want to try some ethnic stuff, look for earthen diyas to light up space. Floating candles in large bowls with flowers in them also look extremely elegant.

Floral and colour rangolis – Rangolis are attractive patterns that are made on floors. Rangolis can be made with colours as well as with flowers. Making a large rangoli right at the entrance/main gate can be wonderful. There can be patterns made in other areas of the house as well. This adds colour to the house and makes it look bright and beautiful!

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