Toran Artificial Garland Flowers

Toran Artificial Garland Flowers And Their Cultural Significance:

A lot of people are unaware of what a Toran actually is. Toran is a Hindi word that has been originated from the Sanskrit language. It depicts a decorative item of Hinduism. A toran is basically a door hanging a decorative piece that is made up of mango and marigold leaves. In various weddings and festivals, it represents the traditional Hindu culture. Sometimes it may also include colours such as red and yellow. Depending upon the beliefs of people of a particular region, a Toran can also have other colours. Sometimes when it has to be long-lasting, it is made up of fabric or other material that has a resemblance to mango or marigold leaves.

The Puranas are a masterpiece of Hindu Mythology to which the Toran can be dated back to. They are used to decorate the front door entrance of a house. This is one of the most popular Indian tradition and has been going on for years. When you welcome guests, the Toran is the first thing that they witness. It imparts a beautiful and fresh appearance to your home. The main concept behind decorating the front door with a Toran is to Welcome Goddess Lakshmi, that is, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Toran Artificial Garland Flowers For Diwali:

Hindus worship Goddess Lakshmi during Diwali. Hanging a Toran at the front door is believed to be auspicious and a symbol of good luck. The best part about decorating your home with a Toran is that you can either purchase a readymade design or make it yourself.

Flower Torans From Toran Artificial Garland Flowers:

The craze of decorating doorways with flowers is increasing day by day. When you hang a toran made up of real flowers, you have to replace it frequently as real flowers are not long-lasting. So, the good news is that we provide good quality artificial flowers for Toran that you can use for hanging at your door. The best part about using artificial flowers for making a Toran is that they are affordable, come in a variety of types and colours. They look more lively and stay the same way for a much longer duration.

You can sow the artificial flowers together without worrying about any rips or falling off as they are made up of a tough material that is resistant to any wear over the time. Another great idea is to stick colourful beads to the flowers and then sow them together to form a Toran. Thread Torans represent the classic design that was used in olden days. You can mix it up with flowers to create your own custom look.

When it comes to home decor, there are no rules. What you think looks the best gains priority over any predefined looks. Torans have always been of a great cultural significance in the Indian society. Therefore, it is wise to use them as a decorative item for doors, windows, as well as for festive occasions.